Get Ready For A Retail Career

There is a lot to be said for working in the retail sector. Many people find this to be an enjoyable way of working, as it allows them to meet new people. A lot of people also like working hours on offer in the retail sector, allowing them to manage their affairs in a simplified manner.

If you want to get ready for a retail career, you’ll find there are common questions. If you are prepared for these questions, and you can provide a great answer, you’ll enhance your chances of landing a job in the retail sector.

Do you work well with people?

In the retail sector, you come into contact with people all the time. You have to work with colleagues and you deal with members of the general public. Employers want to know you can be trusted to get on with people and to represent the company in the best manner.

If you are asked this question, say yes, but give reasons for your answer. You should always provide examples that back up your statement or opinion. The interviewer wants to learn about you, so tell them about times you worked well with other people in the past.

What represents good customer service?

Interviewers want to know what your definition of good customer service, and whether it matches their own. If you have a very different opinion on what good customer service is, you may find the company isn’t right for you.

With this question, you don’t need to give an answer that involved you providing customer service. It is enough to provide information as to what you thought constituted good service, and the sort of customer service you’d like to provide to customers.

What hours are you available?

This question doesn’t relate to your skills or experience, but it is an important question during the retail interview process. There is often great flexibility in shop opening hours, and interviewers want to know you are available for as many of these hours as possible, as this helps the store to be flexible.

If you have commitments and times when you are unavailable, you should inform the interviewer of these times. However, you should try to make yourself available as much as you can at all other times. The more flexible you make yourself to an interviewer, the more appealing you will look during the interview process.

Why do customers shop at this store?

This question helps an interviewer to determine what you know about a store, and whether you have carried out research. It is vital you research a company you interview for, and you should provide reasons why you want to work for them.

Other questions to consider include:

  • What would you do if a customer was angry?
  • Why do you want to work for the company?
  • How do you deal with problems with colleagues?

If you prepare for these questions, you will improve your chances of landing that retail job you want. At Global Solution Services, we offer an extensive range of training courses, including many which are suitable for people looking for a job in the retail sector. If you want to develop your skills and confidence, please get in touch.

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