Training options,  Career choices
or managing redundancy?

We can help with Training, Careers advice or
Coaching to guide you along your new career path.

We understand that upskilling and finding the right position or career path can often be a daunting task.., knowing what skills you have, how to update these and putting them to good use can feel like a mind field!

Training Opportunities

As a Training Provider GSS provide bespoke Management training to individuals and organisations:

  • Management Training
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Appraisal setting
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing Difficult situations

As well as free training places to residents under specific Government contracts:

  • Retail skills
  • Hospitality
  • IT Training
  • Customer Services + many more

We work with a number of London Boroughs to provide free accredited and non-accredited training to residents.  Give us a call to see what training opportunities might be suitable for you.

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Careers Advice

Our qualified and experienced Career Advisors and Coaches are on hand to help you with all aspects of your career path including:

  • Career Choices –identifying options and how to achieve these
  • Pro-active  and Traditional job searching techniques to identify your ideal opportunity
  • CV writing, review, advice, development and support
    Your CV is the first impression potential employers will have of you so it’s important that it reflects your skills and experience accurately and positively.
  • Social media and how to use this effectively in our diverse job market

Interview Confidence

Do you have the confidence to perform to your maximum capacity at an interview? Whether it’s a complex high level management meeting, assessment day or maybe a traditional 1 -1 face to face interview we can work with you to develop techniques to enable you to succeed.

Our trained advisors can support you with mock interviews, competency questions, salary negotiations, personal branding and optimizing sensitive and challenging questions .

Man smiling at a woman during an interview
Women shaking hands after successful interview

Employment Opportunities

We work with a number of employers to support their recruitment strategies and would be delighted to discuss what opportunities might be suitable for you. Opportunities span across the whole of London and we are always interested in discussing how your skills and experience could meet the needs of our clients.

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GSS strives to empower you with a better understanding of your skills and abilities, so that you can move forward onto a better career path.

Whether you are just starting your career, looking to progress up the ladder, wanting to make a transition or simply in need of some direction, GSS can provide you with the information, advice and guidance you need.


We can offer you career information, training, employability and job search services, transitional support as well as executive coaching and career management We have a wealth of experience in the careers industry, which means that we are ideally placed to offer the most relevant advice and support in approaching the employment market and all aspects within this.



Careers advice: NCS, guidance, identification, signposting

Outplacement/Response to Redundancy: helping move on redundant or under threat employees

Managing career transition, careers analysis and strategic career planning

Accredited and non-training:

In work training: career progression training sessions for people in work but not educated to A’ level

Job brokerage: finding employees for companies