You Don’t Need To Switch Companies To Develop Your Career

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Many people enjoy progressing upwards within an organisation.

There is a lot of advice offered to help people enhance their career by switching companies and obtaining a new job. For some people, this is a hugely effective way of improving their career and enjoying progression. Of course, some people don’t want to move companies.

Not wanting to change companies doesn’t mean that an individual has a lack of ambition or motivation. There are many reasons why someone wants to continue working for a company and still enjoy promotions and career progression. If you are keen to develop a career within the one company, there are steps you can take to achieve this outcome.

Why do you want to stay with your company?

If you want to stay with one company, it is essential to know why you want to stay with the firm. You may appreciate the working hours, the location, flexibility of holidays, the pension, perks and benefits or any combination of matters.

Knowing why you are keen to stay with a company provides you with the motivation to develop your career with the firm. Firms are eager to encourage loyalty in employees as and when they can, so if you have genuine reasons why you want to work for one firm, you will be an attractive proposition for your employer.

What are your personal goals and ambitions?

If you are mapping out a career plan, it is likely you have personal goals and ambitions. If you do, state these ambitions and make sure they provide you with a platform for your growth and development.

If your company has a specific department or role that you want to achieve, this is what you should set your sights on. Make it a priority to find out the job specifications for this role, and then compare your current experience, qualifications and capabilities.

If there is a gap between what the company expects from an individual in this position and what you currently hold, your training plan should focus on bridging this gap.

Speak with HR about any training and development on offer within your company

If your company is keen to promote people from within, it is likely that there will be training and development packages in place. Not every firm advertises their training schemes, so you may need to request a place, but if you explain your situation and goals, you’ll find that many firms will be keen to encourage you.

Even if your firm doesn’t have training plans in place, your HR department should help you know what you need to achieve to gain a promotion, allowing you to develop a training plan.

Arrange a time with higher-ranked employees to discuss their role and status

If you are looking to work in a certain position or department, speak to people who currently do that job. Talking with people who do the job you want to do will give you a feel for what the role is like and what experience and qualifications the employee had before getting the job.

Some firms encourage this behaviour, so again, liaise with HR to facilitate meetings or perhaps you can even shadow an employee for an agreed amount of time.

By being proactive and showing you wish to progress within a company, you become an attractive proposition for your firm. If you need guidance on how best to improve within your organisation, speak with Global Solution Services, and we’ll be delighted to help you.

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