New Year New You Career Training For 2021

The start of a new year is a perfect time to take stock and to look ahead. If you are looking to give yourself a platform for success in the 12 months which lie ahead, the work you do now will stand you in good stead.

At Global Solution Services, we appreciate 2020 was a trying year for most people. It might be that a change in career has been forced upon you, it might be that the trials and tribulations of this year has encouraged you to seek something new.

We can help you develop your ideal career in 2021

No matter the impetus for making a career change in 2021, we are here for you. At Global Solution Services, we offer a range of training courses, and our career training courses are perfect for people looking to enhance their chances of success this year.

While things are slightly different, we are still capable of delivering tailored and focused training. We are keen to develop the skills and abilities you need to move forward this year, and whatever issue is holding you back from achieving success, we are here to make the process easier for you.

We know many people are bewildered at the moment. If you need to find a new career path, we can help you. We are skilled and experienced in setting expectations and aspirations for work and career. Whether you are jaded with your existing job, or you need something new, our team will talk you through your options.

We help you make a positive first impression

We know many people feel nervous about setting off on a new career path, and the interview process can be extremely challenging. We have tips and techniques that will help you develop your confidence in the best manner. If you are looking to overcome nerves and make a positive first impression when you meet prospective employers, we are here to put you on the right path.

We also know many people struggle to work as part of a team. This might not have been a major part of previous work you carried out, and it can be difficult to adapt to a new way of working. If you are looking for guidance on being more of a team player, we have a range of activities aimed at helping you develop these attributes.

The course includes:

  • Setting expectations and aspirations for work and career
  • Strategies for managing change
  • Time management and budgeting planning
  • Planning and preparing for the first day of work
  • Tips to overcome nerves and create a positive 1st impression
  • Career progression tools and promotion planning
  • Team building activities
  • Communication, confidence and presentation skills development
  • In work etiquette and professionalism

If you would like to learn more about how you can develop your perfect career in 2021, we can help. At Global Solution Services, we offer a range of remote training courses, aimed at ensuring you move forward during these challenging times. You can find out more about our training support by visiting our site, or by contacting us online

Statement from GSS Directors on Covid-19

Statement from GSS Directors – Centre closures from 30th March 2020

Following the recent announcements made by UK Government, we would like to keep you updated on the changes GSS has made and the measures we have put in place to protect the well-being and safety of all our learners, customers and staff.

As of 30th March 2020 all GSS delivery sites will be closed. However, we are still fully operational and will be running Careers Advice and Guidance alongside Training via skype calls, video conferencing and on-line services to ensure all our customers, learners and trainees can still access our service.

These are indeed exceptional circumstances and we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to respond to the latest policy changes in some of our working procedures, and continue to prepare online material and resources to ensure minimum disruption to our service

We will continue to deliver Online Training and support going forward.

For further support please contact us on: 0844 745 2001 or 0208 665 4296

We are here to support you

We understand these are very difficult and anxious times for everyone, and urge you to stay home and keep safe, and to relieve the burden on the emergency services.

We will support as much as we can – if you have any concerns please email us on

We look forward to welcoming you all back to face to face meetings and training as soon as we can. In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and we will see you through our on-line channels.

For further advice and guidance on Covid-19 visit: