How To Talk About Your Self

Getting a job is difficult, and it is challenging for many reasons. A lot of people struggle because they have to talk about themselves, and make themselves seem like the ideal candidate for the role. Depending on your nature or personality, this may not be a position that comes naturally to you.

There is a lot to be said for developing your confidence as to allow yourself to talk about yourself. You may be fortunate enough to have other people recommending you for a job or a new role, but you still have to present yourself in the best possible manner. If you fail to engage and communicate well with the interviewer, you may find your chances of getting the job are diminished.

Learn about yourself

If you want to talk about yourself, or any topic, it is important you know what you are going to discuss. Therefore, review yourself and create lists about your skills and experiences. It is easy for some people to dismiss what they do or to think they don’t have many skills, but this is rarely the case.

It is likely you have many usable skills which will mark you out as a suitable candidate for a role. When you create a list of skills and experiences you have enjoyed, go over this list time and time again. When you become comfortable with this information, you will find it much easier to talk to others about yourself.

Learn about the role you want to fill

If you have a particular job in mind, it is likely there will be associated skills and requirements with this role. You should have skills and experiences that make you a good match for the job. By studying what is expected from a candidate, it becomes easier to talk about your skills and expertise in a relevant manner.


Even if you talk everyday and you are not shy in speaking with friends or family members, talking about yourself for a key role is very different. The best way to overcome a lack of confidence is to start talking about yourself. Ask your friends or family members if you can practice on them, helping you to develop confidence in how you communicate about yourself.

You’ll also find we offer a range of courses, many of which are aimed at developing your confidence and expertise. If you want to develop skills that help you know what to talk about, and how to best get your point across, we are here to assist you take an important step forward.

If you prepare for interview questions, you make it more likely you can give an answer that positions you as the leading candidate. At Global Solution Services, we offer an extensive range of training courses, and no matter what sector you are looking to work in, you can find a role that is ideal for your needs. If you want to develop your skills and confidence, please get in touch.

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