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There are many different types of training a person can receive and benefit from. However, not all training courses are the same, and some courses are of greater interest or benefit than others. If you have a career goal in mind, you need to choose relevant and appropriate training. In many cases, accredited training is essential in furthering your career.

Accredited training is vital because it is of a high standard and individuals who hold this training have displayed aptitude, skills and understanding. When your CV or job application shows that you have accredited training qualifications, it provides comfort and confidence to a prospective employer. Employers also benefit by offering accredited training, so even though there are costs involved, the benefits of certified training more than justify the time and expense.

Give yourself an advantage in the recruitment market

It is fair to say the recruitment market is competitive. It is vital that candidates give themselves the best chance of obtaining a job, and your qualifications matter. With accredited training, you immediately mark yourself out as someone skilled, but who has also shown drive and motivation to enhance your skills and capabilities.

Accredited training shows aptitude and determination

While what you study is often crucial for the job you want, the fact that you have studied and completed a course is a high starting point. Holding accredited training shows that you followed through on an educational opportunity. A potential employer appreciates the fact that you have seen a course through to its conclusion. Holding any form of degree shows a willingness and aptitude to learn while indicating that the individual can manage pressure, deadlines and the learning process. These are all crucial components for employers, so by holding accredited training, you mark yourself out as a suitable candidate.

Accredited professionals save employers time and money

Employers want to hire certified professionals because it removes some of the risks from them and it lowers their cost. An accredited employer should hold skills and capabilities that don’t have to developed on the job, which means a new employee should settle in quickly.

For a company looking to maximise the return they receive when employing someone, an accredited individual is an attractive option because it should fit seamlessly into their organisation. You don’t need to waste time offering training and development to do the job.

There is less of a risk for an employer in hiring someone who holds accredited training, and most companies are keen to lower the risks they take. As an individual, holding accredited training makes you a suitable candidate, enhancing your choices of finding a job.

If you are keen to learn more as to how accredited training helps you or your company, please get in touch with Global Solution Services. As a company, we have helped many individuals and organisations understand and meet their learning expectations, and we are keen to help you. We offer guidance and specialist support for a wide range of training courses, included accredited training.

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