How To Show Confidence In Job Interviews – Part 2

In our previous blog, we provided you with four tips which help you to show confidence in job interviews. These tips offer an excellent starting point in feeling more confident in an interview, but there is so much more you can do. Therefore, we are going to continue the process with more tips that will boost your confidence when you attend a job interview.

Slow down when you speak

During an interview process, it is helpful to allow yourself time to think and prepare your answers. You may feel as though you don’t want to leave pauses between answers, but most interviewers will prefer you to give a reasoned answer, rather than an answer which you blurt out.

You will find many confident people take their time, and they aren’t afraid to request a little more time before giving an answer. Having the confidence to ask for more time before responding is a trait many employers wish to see, as it shows you care about getting things right.

Also, if you are genuinely unsure about the question, don’t feel afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify the question. It is far better to ask for clarification, than to bluster on and answer a question which wasn’t asked.

Ask questions of the interviewer

If you are confident enough to ask the interview questions, you will come across well. While the interviewer is keen to determine if you are suitable for their organisation, you are also keen to find out if this is the right employer for you.

Interviews are a two-way process, and you should look to learn as much about the company, and what the role entails, as you can. Feel free to ask questions and engage the interviewer in a conversation. You shouldn’t dominate proceedings, but as and when you can, feel free to ask questions about the company and role.

Don’t be desperate in an interview

Your mind may be racing during an interview, and you may be very keen to get this job. However, there is a marked difference between being keen and coming across as desperate. It is important you remain calm, and don’t come across as too needy.

If the interviewer makes requests, do what you can to meet and show you are willing, however, you cannot drop everything or bend over backwards every single time. If you can say no, within reason, while still being as helpful as possible, you will create the right impression when it comes to interviewing for a job.

Listen as best as you can

While you will likely have a lot to say during a job interview, you must focus and listen. If you are always waiting to speak, as opposed to taking in what the interviewer says, you will miss out on important information.

You will also come across as an impatient, and perhaps even rude, person, so make sure you give the interviewer respect, and respond to their questions.

At Global Solution Services, we aim to help you make the most of your job interviews. If you give the impression of being confident, you will increase your chances of getting the job. For a wide range of training opportunities, please contact us today.