How To Prepare For Team Activity Interviews

A job interview is a daunting prospect at the best of times, but some interviews are more challenging than others. If you’re informed you are due to take part in a group interview, you may worry about what to do, or what your chances are. Some people thrive in a competitive environment, and the thought of going head to head against their peers is a thrilling prospect.

Not everyone feels the same way, though. Many people may decide this job isn’t for them, because of the challenge posed by group interviews. You don’t need to give up on your career dreams because of the interview process. At Global Solution Services, we are here to help. If you want to learn how to prepare for team activity interviews, we are on hand to assist you.

What is a group interview?

There are many different types of group interviews. You may be asked to take part in an activity that simulates the working environment. You may be required to work together with other people to solve problems.

No matter the set-up, your engagement and interaction are closely monitored during the process. You need to show that you can contribute to the overall outcome while working well with other people.

How do I prepare for a team activity interview?

No matter the interview process, you need to prepare yourself. The more relevant preparation work you undertake, the more confident you will feel. This isn’t to say that preparing for a team activity guarantees you will get the job, but it enhances your chances.

Try to find out as much about the interview process as possible. You may not be provided with much information, but if you can ascertain the general focus, you have information to work with.

Make sure you research the company you interview for. If you can display knowledge of the company during the interview process, you will help to differentiate yourself from candidates who haven’t undertaken any research.

It is likely there will be an ice-breaker activity, so be prepared for a group activity with a slightly fun element. You may need to introduce yourself to other people and provide information about yourself. A lot of people don’t like talking about themselves, so be prepared with some quick statements which place you in a good light.

Some quick tips to consider when preparing for a team activity:

  • Make sure you arrive on time and ready for the interview process
  • Do get involved and be part of the process and conversation
  • Ensure other people who aren’t saying as much have the chance to be part of the process
  • Listen to other people, and respond to these comments, don’t just say the things you wish to share
  • Be yourself
  • Be polite and respectful

These tips may sound as though they are just common sense tips, and that is true. There is no need to concern yourself with a group interview or team activity overly. Try to relax and engage others in the way you would do at all other times. Remember other candidates will be as nervous as you, so if you can show confidence, you will improve your chances of success.

If you’re preparing for a team activity interview, and need guidance, contact Global Solution Services, and we’ll be happy to help.

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