Great Leaders Have Many Characteristics

It is not as if there is a single attribute which makes a leader great. No two working days are exactly alike, and it is important leaders can respond to problems as and when they arise. Therefore, great leaders have many characteristics, and it is vital you lead by example and show your team the way you want them to act.

A good leader remains positive

Things will not always run smoothly for a team, and this is why leaders must be able to remain positive. There is no need to be unrealistic and paint a picture which is evidently not true, but a good leader will be able to highlight positives from difficult situations.

By remaining positive and calm, even under challenging times, a leader sets an example that encourages their team to move forward and to keep trying hard.

Great Leaders Are Resilient

As a leader, you cannot expect things to run smoothly all the time. There will be moments when problems arise, and it is how you respond to these challenges which will determine how effective a leader you are. We’ve discussed the importance of positivity for leaders, but it is crucial you come back time and time again. You also need to be willing to learn from your mistakes, but also recognise when you are doing the right thing.

Therefore, a good leader is able to analyse the circumstances surrounding them, and make an informed decision on these matters.

A good leader is confident to delegate tasks

One of the issues in moving to the position of a leader is calling on others to do things. As a leader, you must be able to delegate tasks to people. Therefore, you need to review your team, ascertain what skills people have and what potential is in place.

For a lot of work, you will need to delegate work to a person who is capable of carrying out the task. However, if you are looking to develop the team, there will be times you need to delegate tasks to people as part of their development.

Sometimes this will cause short-term problems, but in the long-term, the company, the leader and the employee can all benefit. Knowing when a task should be delegated to an experienced professional and when it should be provided to someone as part of their development is a significant part of being a leader.

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