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Retail Skills Training

This Retail Skills training is being offered as part of Greenwich’s Adult Community Learning programme and it is available to all Greenwich residents.

There are three Retail Modules being offered (details below) and you are welcome to attend one, two or all three of them.  The three modules ensure that there is something suitable to anyone wanting to work in retail, whether you have no experience at all, or if you are highly experienced but looking for support to move into your next position.

No previous qualifications or experience is required to attend any of the modules, just an interest in working within the Retail industry.

Courses will take place on a regular basis across Greenwich, at venues such as Greenwich Work and Learn Centre in North Greenwich, and The Eltham Centre on Eltham High Street.

Please get in touch with us using the Contact Us Tab or call 020 8665 4298 to speak further about the retail courses on offer and to find out the date and location of the next course being run in your area.

Please click here to download our Retail Skills Leaflet. (Acrobat pdf download)

Exploring Retail as a Career

  • Exploring learners perceptions about a career in retail
  • Identifying the many roles, responsibilities, and duties of a typical Sales Assistant working in a variety of stores
  • Considering the key skills and experience needed for an entry-level role in retail
  • Exploring the many career progression routes in Retail, and following-on from Retail, and the skills and qualities necessary for pursuing these routes
  • Identifying the individual key skills, qualities and experience that learners may already possess which makes them suitable for a Retail role
  • Identifying any areas for development and providing guidance on options available to develop / demonstrate relevant retail skills, and thus improve employability for the retail sector

Developing Skills for Retail

  • Exploring the key skills required to demonstrate in Retail positions
  • Addressing and developing each of the key retail skills, including:
  • Customer Service
  • Numeracy and Till Usage
  • Team Working
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Health and Safety
  • Product Knowledge and Sales

Successfully applying for jobs in Retail

  • Advising on the Recruitment and Assessment methods used in Retail, for both formal and informal applications
  • Exploring the most appropriate job-searching strategies to use for Retail work, including proactive methods such as cold-calling, speculative letters, networking etc, as well as traditional online applications
  • Considering the key skills and experience that Retail employers are looking for candidates to demonstrate throughout the recruitment process
  • Identifying ways to demonstrate the key skills and experience required in order to improve employability
  • Advice on compiling and refining CV for Retail work
  • Guidance on completing retail Application Forms
  • Support in preparing for and presenting well at Interviews for Retail Work
  • Introducing how Assessment Centres are used in Retail recruitment and guidance on performing effectively in these group assessments
  • Exploring appropriate In Work Etiquette in a Retail role
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