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Southwark PCT

Southwark Primary Care Trust is a large trust in Central London dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the people who live in the London Borough of Southwark. They have over 2,000 staff delivering, managing and taking responsible for a wide range of services that thousands of local people use on a daily basis.

Working in partnership with GP Surgeries, Dentists, Out of Hours Team, hospitals and Drug and Alcohol Services to name but a few meant that the staff mix at the PCT was vast and varied.

With the announcement of Government cuts as with many Public Sector organisation’s the PCT had to make substantial changes to services and staff to fall in line with the new government led regimes that many trusts have succumb to.

Southwark PCT engaged with Job Centre Plus  to establish their entitlement to any of the Government’s initiatives to help in these situations and provide support to staff who were now under Threat of redundancy.  Under the Response to Redundancy Services –  a provision contracted by the Department of Work and Pension along with the Job Centre, GSS were contacted to also provide support for these staff many of whom had been with the PCT for a number of years and had not had to apply for positions, conduct effective job search, write CV’s or attend competency interviews for a significant number of years.

As an accredited supplier to the DWP to provide Job Search support services for Professional and Executives  GSS were able to deliver support services to a number of staff through our ‘Solution Package’ which delivered effective Career support training via structured Group presentations, 1-1 Career Coaching as well as accessing GSS Career Management Portal Inveniam which allows individuals to enter into an Interactive on-line career management provision that gives 24 hour advice and guidance through a suite of videos, downloadable material pod casts and interactive

Staff at the PCT

Staff at the PCT span across a large spectrum including, Commission Technicians, IT and Technical support Managers, Clinical Governance specialists, Procurement, Practice Managers, Pharmacists, Directors and many more .  Mainly based in the London office this diverse range of staffing specialities really put GSS’s understanding of the market and how to competently advise these diverse range of staff to the test.

GSS worked hand in hand with the Job Centre Plus who were also active in providing updates and valuable information to these affected staff.  The Job Centre plus provided valuable information on their entitlements, how to make a claim, what the processes are as well as information on a variety of benefits, and GSS provided relevant and practical Career Transition and Job Search Support services to a range of diverse staff from all of the aforementioned professions and also included Clinicians, Finance, Support staff across a range of Grades and specialities.

GSS delivered the Career Transition and Job Search Support service to these staff ensuring that every member of staff had personal attention to their particular circumstance to ensure they could be as successful at establishing suitable employment in the event that their post was affected and they indeed were made redundant.

GSS conducted Job Search support to around 80 staff over a 6 week period.  We received many commendations from the staff on how valuable they found the programme and what a difference it has made to their ability to find suitable work now they are armed with the understanding and knowledge of how to successfully job search in this climate.

“Just to feedback on the session held yesterday around 1pm at Tooley Street, it was fantastic and I feel we should have more of these career guiding sessions to help us go within and also beyond the NHS boundaries for our career.

Please let me know when or if there is a similar session so that I could let my colleagues know.


Mr Quereshi

eServices Team”



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