GSS a ‘National Careers Service’ Provider

National Careers Service

GSS is a ‘National Careers Service Provider’ and under National Careers Service we offer Employability, Careers, and Job Search Information, Advice and Guidance to customers who are unemployed or economically inactive, as well as those at risk of redundancy.

GSS have worked with the DWP providing Job Search Support and Response to Redundancy provision to Professionals and Executives for the last  3 years. We are now proud to announce further work in the Welfare to Work sector as a National Careers Service Provider for the London area.  We were delighted to be chosen as a contractor to deliver provision through National Careers Service to organisations and individuals.

As a provider of National Careers Service we offer a range of interactive group workshops, as well as confidential 1-2-1 advice sessions, coupled with continued support via telephone, email and online.  The services and support that we provide is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual or group that we are working with, but the provision most often includes such areas as developing a compelling CV, successfully preparing for interviews, establishing suitable job goals, exploring different industries, identifying training needs, and utilising effective application strategies for the current labour market.

GSS’s qualified Advisors are based within numerous Job Centre Plus offices, as well as in a diverse range of local outreach venues in order that we are widely accessible to all customers who will benefit from the National Careers Service.  GSS have expertise in delivering effective careers and employability services to a wide range of customers, including those experiencing short-term and long-term unemployment, lone-parents, carers, those currently excluded from the labour market due to disability, and those at risk of redundancy.

GSS are committed to the quality and effectiveness of the service that we offer and we are incredibly proud to state that 68% of our customers have successfully returned to work or taken their preferred next step, within 3 months of accessing our service.

Why not take a look at the National Careers Service website go to www.nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk or contact the National Careers Service direct on 0800 100 900

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