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Welcome to GSS Outplacement Services

GSS are a unique organisation providing tailored, cost effective out placement and career coaching services to individuals and organisations.  We utilise a blended approach by understanding, creating and delivering a mix of workshops, one to one training and the most comprehensive online suite of career management tools available in the market to for our customers.

In doing so we ensure that every company and individual receive a service that is bespoke and truly reflects the objectives of those concerned.  We understand that in any organisation there will be a mixture of staff who may require our service, and our range of tailored training ensures that all staff whether they are Executive Level, Senior and Middle Management, Back Office support, Manual and or trade staff will have tailored  training that is suited to their needs, experience and learning levels.

We are an outcome based organisation which means we care about what happens to the individuals.  We don’t just deliver training, we work with individuals to ensure they can gain the outcome they desire.  We have worked with over ten thousand individuals and proudly boast a success rate of 68% in supporting individuals back into their chosen career or self employment opportunity.

“We adopt a partnership approach and remember that everyone is individual with individual circumstances, needs and desires”.

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